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I applied to a whole bunch of places in downtown. Nine, actually. Two or three explicitly said they weren't hiring at all at the moment, but I left resumes in case things change. Indigo (a large chain bookstore) said they were hiring, and a smaller independent bookstore said they were as well. This one comic book store said that they might be looking for someone to help out so that they can go on vacation, haha. I'm crossing my fingers on that one; it would be hilarious insanity to work there and I'd love it. The guys there are ridiculous and awesome. I'm sort of hoping that if Indigo doesn't want me, I'll be able to snag two part-time jobs and get the same sort of hours. Wish me luck!

~ Alana

PS: I'm done second year university! EEEEK!

Apr. 24th, 2008

So I just found out that the girl they hired for the last two years to be the groundskeeper? Yeah, she's the niece of the woman who now does the hiring.

There goes that.

Any ideas? :S

~ Alana

Apr. 23rd, 2008

Ugh. I broke a bowl a few days back, and I thought I'd cleaned up all the bits of ceramic (?) from the floor. Turns out, I missed this tiny little shard, about a centimetre long and very thin. I stepped on it, and the whole damn thing went right into the ball of my foot. There was some swearing, a surprising amount of bleeding, and now it hurts to walk on it. I fail at dishes.

I am still jobless. I'm hoping the old folk's home still needs a gardener, because it's looking like I didn't snag me a mall job. Wish me luck!

~ Alana

Apr. 20th, 2008

Unemployed Alana is still unemployed. Ack. Is it wrong that part of me is still clinging to the hope that I'll get a phone call from somewhere (anywhere)?

I'm gonna throw my resume at the old folks' home where I worked two (three?) summers ago. I did groundskeeping work, and I enjoyed it, except for the occasional heat stroke. I'll have to ask about, y'know, taking some short water breaks here and there. It was fun, though. Rewarding and all that good stuff. I need moneys.

Question for all of my LJ buddies:
What's the suckiest job you've ever had?

~ Alana

Apr. 9th, 2008

Kieran wanted me to show her pictures of me during frosh week -- that's university first-year orientation week, to you old fogeys -- when I had short hair... because, yes, I made it into a mohawk. Using lots and lots of shaving cream to hold it in place. It was a beautiful, wondrous thing. I miss it so. Under the cut they go!

Dirt + shaving cream + me = WHOO!Collapse )

Foxy, n'est pas?

~ Alana

So, I dropped off my resume to a bunch of stores at the mall. I've never really done this sort of stuff before. I wish they'd call me either way; even a 'no, thanks' would be preferable to sitting around twiddling my thumbs! Yes, my impatience is showing, but I'm curious.

I mean, the lady at HMV took a look over my resume, grabbed a large purple highlighter, and scrawled "OK" with a circle around it on the back. Was that a quick once-over to see whether she should ditch it altogether, or have I been ranked on a scale of bad to good? I'm hoping the former.

How long is normal to wait between drop-off and response?

~ Alana
I have a shirt that reads, "The yoke's on you!";
A cartoon broken egg offsets the red.
A pun, indeed, is rotten through and through,
And so I feel the yoke's on me instead!

~ Alana
I've come to accept some inevitable truths as a university student. I will now share some of them with you so that you can chuckle along with my monotonous existence.

As a university student, I know exactly how much gas is in my tank, and I know exactly how much money gas costs at every station within a five-kilometre radius of both my house, and my parents' house.

As a university student, I know exactly how far I can drive my car on one notch of gas. It's farther than you think, and I know because I've tried.

As a university student, I never take too little food at potlucks, family meals or other communal food-related events. There may not be any food when I come back, and I am not willing to take that chance.

As a university student, I never say no to free food, even if I don't like it. Maybe one of my housemates does. Maybe one of them will trade me for chips or cookies. Or vitamin supplements.

As a university student, I actually take vitamin supplements, because I not only suspect but know for certain that I would otherwise contract scurvy.

As a university student, I have somehow gained the ability to sleep for twelve full hours during the night and still require a mid-afternoon nap.

As a university student, I feel no shame that I mentioned my taking a mid-afternoon nap.

As a university student, I spend so much time hiding away in computer labs and basements that I feel symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder during seasons other than winter.

Add your own.

~ Alana
Alright folks. While I know that the chances of anyone but Dave responding are slim, I figured I'd ask my LJ friends for a wee bit of advice. I'm trying to figure out where to look for a summer job!

I've thought about handing out resumes at the mall, since there are one or two stores that really pique my interest. I don't know if one is even hiring. (Just in case you're reading, arcadiansdream: any thoughts on Lush? I <3 it so very muchly.)

Option number two is much the same, but instead of the mall, I'd head downtown. There are a few weird stores that sell fun things. There's also one really nice store that sells plants rather than simply clumps of flowers. It makes me happy.

Option number three is much less desirable. I could plausibly work for my parents at their office again, or at the nursing home where my mother helps out. Either would be easy to secure a job at, but the former would be boring, repetitive and tedious, and the latter would involve a lot of physical labour and very little lenience as far as adequate health scenarios are concerned. Think 35 degrees Celsius with 100% humidity, carting around your own weight in dirt in a broken wheelbarrow. (Yep, broken; they refused to replace the flat wheel.) The former would pay very well, and the latter less but still a good chunk more than minimum wage, which is what I could probably expect elsewhere.

Urgh. Suggestions? Has anyone had a good job experience that they could recommend to a poor student?

~ Alana
My mother informed me tonight at family supper that the cat I was given as my sixth birthday present will be put down on Saturday.

I think my heart broke.